Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic 3 BILLION


Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic 3 BILLION (30 Chewable Tablets)


ULTIMATE FLORA KIDS PROBIOTIC 3 BILLION LIVE CULTURES PER TABLET Supports Natural Defenses and Helps Restore Digestive Balance* Better Health Begins in Kids Digestive System Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic is a safe and gentle Why Give Kids Probiotics?

Every day your child is exposed to potentially harmful “bugs” while in school, at play or from the environment. These invaders challenge their immune and digestive systems.

Beneficial bacteria can be depleted by a diet too high in sugar or too low in fiber, and by certain medications* Probiotics, or “good bacteria,” can help fight off the “bad bugs” that can upset digestion.* Probiotics are considered a safe and gentle way to boost essential natural defenses.


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