Smart Juice: 100% Juice Organic Tart Cherry, 33.8 Oz


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SMART JUICE’s Tart Cherry is prepared from organically grown tart cherries. it is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, giving your taste buds an ambrosial treat. Great with meals or on its own, SMART JUICE’s Tart Cherry has a refreshing and exciting taste that is sure to add some kick to your day. High in melatonin content, tart cherries are said to help the body regulate its circadian rhythm, improving sleep and sleep quality. Not only that, but certain anthocyanins in tart cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, great for a post-exercise juice. Mix SMART JUICE Tart Cherry with your smoothie club soda, or just drink it by itself to enjoy a sweetly tart treat. Certified kosher, too!


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