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15 years ago, during a profound conversation she had with a close friend, Founder, Ruth, was introduced to the world of holistic eating. She was so moved to learn of a lifestyle that could bring health, renewed energy, and youthful vitality that she began doing her own research. She discovered the stories of countless people who were healed from various diseases just by adopting a holistic lifestyle, (ie, changing their diets, ridding their homes of toxic products, and using healthy products instead).

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With her new-found knowledge, Ruth slowly began introducing natural foods and products into her household. However, it wasn’t until her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 that Ruth realized that choosing to eat organic isn’t something one does as a luxury—it’s a necessity! That’s because when her mother’s diagnosis came, Ruth’s mother refused to get the surgery doctors said she needed immediately in order to survive. As a result, Ruth took her mother to see a naturopathic doctor, who placed her mother on a strict raw, organic, natural diet for six months. By the time the 6 months came, not only had her mother’s weight dropped drastically but her overall health had improved significantly. Her high blood pressure became obsolete and the tumor in her body shrunk completely—having never returned even to today.

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That’s all it took for Ruth to be convinced. She founded Rubert Organics in October of 2015 and set out to help people regain their youthful energy as well as find healing, restoration, and wholeness for their bodies through a healthy lifestyle change. By educating, empowering and providing organic food and product alternatives, Rubert Organics is enabling clients everywhere to live freer, happier, healthier lives in a way that is affordable and life-giving. With every product purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go toward an agriculture project base in Haiti affiliated with the organization.

The World Of Holistic Eating.